Group of Companies


SNet Systems is the true leader in the era of ubiquitous

SNet Systems is the leading IT telecommunication company which has been making the history of telecommunication services and solution in Korea. SNet Systems opened the door to the era of advanced information technology in the era of the first generation Analog IT, and SNet Systems was the first in Korea to complete the second generation mobile communication by commercializing the network technology. Besides, SNet Systems has been providing various networks and contents and organized data base to lead ubiquitous technology which make it possible to share information in a way a user wants whenever and wherever it is. SNet promises to be committed to leading the technology development from the third generation into the fourth generation information technology as a leading company in the telecommunication and solution field.

Business Field

  • NI and consulting
  • SI security / Enterprise Security Management
  • Mobile / WiMAX business
  • NI & Consulting business


S&F Network, Inc

S&F Networks funded 100% by SNet Systems was established in 2001. It commenced its business with IT investment, and now it is expanding into BT as a new business engine. It focused on Healthcare and Well being business, and it led to establishment and operation of Brain Health Research Institute to research Alzheimer's disease. It has stretched its business to production and distribution of health supplements since 2007 and established Wellness center as it aims to become a leading healthcare company.

Business Field

  • Healthcare business : Brain Health Research Institute, Wellness center
  • Wellbeing business : production and distribution of health supplements
  • Business Development: Discovery and Commercialization of a promising IT technology. Discovery and Commercialization of a promising BT technology
  • Investment : Discovery of and investment in promising IT & BT technology


Corporation providing good hearts, good technologies and good skilled

Goodus Co., Lted has been providing total service to commercialize customers’ Information Technology. Goodus is currently providing the best technology and service from IT governance up to ITSM and ISO20000 certified consulting, IT outsourcing and IT infrastructure management service to enable customer Information Technology to become a successful business

Service Field

IT governance

  • ITC consulting
  • ITVM : Management of project portfolio, Performance measurement of IT investment, unifying BSC with IT BSC
  • IT service management
  • ITAM

IT outsourcing

  • Total ITP : IT service management in the perspective of customers, setting up IT operation process based on ITIL
  • Selective ITO : preventive measurement against malfunction, quick repair and prevention of recurrence, remote support service

IT service Management

  • ITIL process consulting
  • ITSM set up service : Service Delivery, Service Support
  • ISO20000 certified consulting

IT Infrastructure management

  • Network management : technical support service, experts, service from in house expert
  • Server management : system maintenance, management service, system consulting
  • Database management : advanced DBMS technology support, performance measurement, analysis, tuning, and consulting of DBMS